Right margin too large on conversion to Word

I’m not sure if this problem is intended or not but whenever I export as a Word doc or docx I get a right margin problem. The problem only occurs whenever the right hand scriv panel(Synopsis, Notes, etc) is showing in Scrivenver. Scrivener then restructures the text in the editor with anautomatic right hand margin of 6.50 inches. Unfortunately, when you now export as a Word doc or docx, this margin is still there in the exported Word doc and it looks most peculiar.

Can you please fix this and, on export to Word, reset the right hand margin to 1" all round on Word export as per the Microsoft standard ?

I’m using Scrivener v1.9.7.0

I take it you’re compiling the document?

Have a look at the setting in the Compilation dialogue for Footnotes & Comments. I think the wide margin you’re talking about is the space used to show Comments in Word’s Track Changes view.

If you tick both ‘Remove…’ boxes does the wide margin go away? It does for me…