Right Margins, font, enter is character

After noticing the problem with the right hand margin, I uninstalled everything and then installed beta 1.7

The right hand margin is still at 3 inches instead of 6-8 inches. The first time I opened beta 1.7, only a handful of my 23 folders had the narrow margin. Each time I have opened beta 1.7, more folders end up with the narrow margin. Now, the longer I have beta 1.7 open, the more folders have the narrow margin.

Also, the font looks small as if at a zoom of 75%. However, the file does export and show the proper font size when I open the file in Word.

Beta 1.7 also crashes far more often than any previous version. Considering that it is a beta, I am not too concerned about it.

When I copy/paste a paragraph from another file, the paragraph indicator shows up as a character. I have done it a few times making sure I am not accidentally copying the “enter” keycode and I keep getting the “enter” code showing up as a character (square box)

I can sometimes get the right hand margin to go back to normal for at least while I am working on that folder if the folder is set on corkboard first. then go to another folder and make sure it is on the corkboard view, then go back to the other folder and switch to normal view.

However, if I go to another folder then go back to the folder where the right hand margin had been okay, it has gone back to the funky one unless I have set the corkboard view first.

Weird. It doesn’t always work. And sometimes beta 1.7 crashes while i am doing it.

EDIT: I just displayed the ruler and pulled it back to where the margins are supposed to be, have you tried that?

I tried that several times. The ruler doesn’t appear past the 3 inches when the margin doesn’t go past 3 inches. I can’t change it and if I try several times, it crashes.

Let’s see if Beta 1.8 has fixed all that.

Well, Beta 1.8 (after having gone into c:/programfiles/scrivener/liveupdates to get it) fixed the zoom so the fonts now look okay.

However, the right hand margin is even more messed up now. And the ruler has disappeared altogether.

If I display the corkboard, move to another folder, then move back to the original folder and display text, the margins are okay. However, I need to go back to the corkboard view before leaving or else I have to go through the whole machination again. And the margin ruler is gone, totally. Nothing there. And I crash beta 1.8 when I try to click and move the arrows or double click on the space where the ruler is supposed to be.

I tested the right hand margin/ruler on a new project, an old project, and a current project under the “novel” format.

Using a scrivener file that I had not opened in any beta past 1.5, the margin ruler is there and works wonderfully.

Using a scrivener file that I have opened in every beta including 1.8, the margin ruler is gone. The left margin markers are there but the right hand one is gone along with the ruler.

Using a brand new scrivener file, the margin ruler is gone and so is the right hand marker. The left hand markers are still there.

Sometimes the margin ruler is there, all of it, however, the text is still at the funky 3 inches and won’t move unless I put the folder in corkboard view, then move to another folder, then go back to the original folder, and go into text view. Now, if I take too long to do this, when I try to edit, the program crashes.
RH margin.doc (122 KB)


Hello - I am just wondering if anyone has an update on this right margin square box problem. It is happening in just one of my folders and I just don’t see how I can get it to stop doing this. I am currently on windows version (though have swapped between mac and windows= depending on what comp I am on)

Does anybody have any ideas? I have attached an example of what it looks like.

Really grateful for any support!