Right Next Door To Delighted

Greetings Folks, I’ve mostly finished my book. Don’t laugh please… it’s a cookbook.
Months of work.
I’m a few months away from reaching 70, I’m really not skilled doing this authoring thing, but I’ve
got the desire.
The delighted part is I designed my own cover, not bad, used the Times New Roman 72 but it still looks
small. Oh well.
I have over 100 old time recipes each one a separate MS Word doc.

OK now I’ve compiled for iBook and man am I mostly pleased. I loaded it into iTunes and then my
iPad. It shows up fine and I can turn pages, bookmark and all the things you’d expect.

TOC kinda sucks, very partial listing, wonder why?
Each recipe was a separate file yet most are part on one page and continued on another.
I’ve got to cure that, how? page breaks or edit the HTML?
I’d really like one recipe on each page.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

In order to ensure that each recipe takes up exactly one page, you need to make sure that each contains no more than one page of text.

That is, there is nothing you can do in Scrivener to make the iBook pages any bigger. If the text doesn’t fit, then you need to make the text smaller. You might accomplish that by reducing the amount of whitespace, using a smaller font, or eliminating some words.

The e-book formats use page breaks to decide what should be in the Table of Contents. So if the listing is incomplete, you might look at the Compile -> Separators or Compile -> Contents pane to make sure that there is a page break before each item that should be listed.