right print margin larger than specified in exported file

Hi all –

When I export a file into Word.doc for printing, the right margin (which is set at 1" in my document window) is larger than it should be, somewhere between 1.5 inches and 1.75. I can adjust the look of that right margin by changing it to .5 inch in document settings (in WORD), and it will look ok when it prints, but it seems wrong. And what will happen if I send it off to someone else to view on their machine?

Is there a way to address this?

Hi Kerry, I think the problem may be that it is better not to set the margins in the document window of Scrivener at all. Instead, just have free-flowing margins in the Scrivener editor. Then, in File > Page Setup, choose “Scrivener” from the Settings pop-up menu and set the margins you want there. Page Setup margins determine not just the margins when printing from Scrivener, but also the margins used when exporting to a program such as Word.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Keith. The program is really wonderful …