Right-to-left Compile Trouble

I am typing my document in English, but am using many quotations in Hebrew (which is written right-to-left). In my Scrivener editor, the two languages display in the correct directions. When I compile the document into a Word document, however, all of the right-to-left Hebrew sentences are changed to left-to-right (thus producing backwards sentences). I have not found anything in the help or forums about this, but may have missed it.
As this document is several hundred pages, I can’t afford to manually fix each entry in the compile. Is there a setting or something that I have missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Is this occurring just when the Hebrew is part of a paragraph that is otherwise LTR, or does it happen even when the Hebrew is in its own paragraph? We had another report of this, and I believe the problem was at the paragraph-level for the RTL recognition. I’m assuming that Word is correctly recognising the Hebrew text as such, distinct from the English, but the word order for the Hebrew is reversed?

Is there any chance you could provide a sample project that shows the problem when compiled and opened in Word, and a set of screenshots showing how the text appears on your machine in Scrivener and when opened in Word (with the same fonts in each)? That would help us track this down and fix it.

Is any of the text marked Right to Left in Scrivener (Format > Text > Writing Direction)?