Right to Left languages export to .docx

I was pleased to see that I could mix LTR and RTL paragraphs in Hebrew. That’s nice.

When I exported to office 2007 under win7, all the paragraphs showed LTR. Is this a bug?

Is scrivener meant for a mix of LTR and RTL paragraphs? Where can I read more.

Thanks. Jon

Can Word 2007 itself display multiple directions in a single document? If not, then it might just be discarding whatever Scrivener produces. LTR vs RTL is determined by a special flag—the actual order of the text characters themselves in the file are unchanged, so if the target word processor cannot handle direction shifts in a single document, it might discard the special code, making everything either one way or the other.

Word on Windows does display multiple directions in a single document (but apparently not in the mac version of word). So it would be nice for RTL and LTR paragraphs to be perserved on export.