Rightclick menu

It would be great to be able to right-click in Windows on the Scrivener task, icon and tile to bring up a recent documents menu. I currently have to open Scrivener, which brings up the last document I worked on (which is good) but then I have to go to the file menu to navigate to another document. I would prefer to have a menu of the last five or ten recent documents available from the icon like other windows apps have.

While we’re wishing, you could give it a “live tile” so that the last document shows up in the start menu.

Whaddya think? Doable?


So, is that a no?

Personally, I wouldn’t make that judgment. If you scan the pages of this sub-forum, you’ll see that many of the user-desires expressed here don’t receive a response. And if you go way back, to before the release of Scrivener for Mac version 2, you’ll probably find that even suggestions that made it into the release didn’t necessarily win explicit approval. I guess it’s just a matter of how KB and his colleagues distribute their time.