RIP Cubby

Even more strange. I have the desktop app on my both Mac:s and donˋt have a business account.

Maybe they have special allowances for Scandinavians! :smiley:


According to the post / link below, Box Sync should work for personal accounts… … /2486#M689 … nc/ta-p/86

You mean they want to stop us from thinking “outside the Box”, whereas that is usually not a problem with non-Scandinavians who won’t do it anyhow? :wink:

Totally useless. Can’t download from the main site …

Can download from the Swedish site, but get this on trying to log in …

Screenshot 2016-11-22 16.04.48.png
Tried to open a chat session, sent my question, someone answered asking how could he help … and promptly terminated the chat session! I am severely displeased.

Conversely, Sync installed without problem, I made a mistake setting up the account so got in touch with support. Quick answer, immediate solution by instant return of email … polite, friendly, efficient.


And here’s what I get when I follow the instructions in the second of Briar Kit’s URLs! No “Get Box Sync” … nothing.



I’ve been using it on two Macs for some time and don’t have a business account.

You do need to sign up to a personal account same as with DropBox. The free account is 10Gb with a max upload of 250Mb which covers me, but YMMV. The starting page is here - you need the personal account.

I have an account; it gives me 10GB and 250MB max upload, but I can only use it through the web interface. The only other thing that I can imagine is that my problem comes from having set up my account about 6 years ago while I was in China, and it is that that is blocking the whole thing. I appreciate all your help, but it’s getting me nowhere with the account that I have. The only solution might be to try setting up a new account with a different log-in and see what happens, but that wouldn’t help with collaborating with Shirley who is in China. So, for the moment, I’m not sure I can be bothered.


I’m wondering if there are different installers for the Free and Pro versions. You may be correct regarding China but where did you download the version of Box Sync that you tried? If you login to your account via the web interface, go to ‘my name’ at the top right and in the dropdown navigate down to ‘get Box Sync’. If you open that in a new tab you should get a page at the top left of which is ‘Get Box sync for Mac’. Downloading that gives you an installer. That should work, but if it doesn’t I’m out of ideas.

That probably would work but it’s down to you :slight_smile:

China, it appears, says no. … true#M2102

Is the account registered to an address in China? If yes, any joy if the address is changed to the UK?

Thanks everyone.

@Tacitus, if you look at the screenshot in my last post, you’ll see that I have done that, and I don’t get a “Get Box Sync” option.

@Briar Kit, I have checked: my account, called “Individual” but the upgrade is called “Enterprise”. In the profile, all they have is my name, my email address—which is a .com domain, and that might be one of the problems as the help phone number I get is a US number, while looking at their website here gives me a UK number—the account number and my London phone number. Those are the only required entries; there is nothing actually to link me to China.

But the problem remains. I can close that account and open a new one, but if the only way for Shirley to access it in China is through a VPN, there’s no point as we could simply use Dropbox on that basis, which would also allow her to use Scrivener on her iPad if she wanted.

So, as she says Sync is working, we’ll go with a free account there.


Solution. Nailed.

Hi Mark. I did see that after I’d posted :unamused: I can’t fathom why you see something different to me, but that’s software for you.

Still, it looks like you’ve found a solution to the problem so I’m pleased it’s all sorted.

Very late to this thread, but just thought I’d chime in to say that I’ve been using Sync for the last 18 months and am quite happy with it.

It’s not all roses and sunshine. For a start, unlike Cubby, it is limited to a dedicated local folder (just like Dropbox). It’s desktop app syncs wonderfully, but all but the most basic of its file sharing magic has to be done via a web interface. The web interface is functional, but not efficient. Its iOS app sucks (it 's really that bad). Officially it links into iOS file services, but I can only get it to work maybe one time in three. Unlike both Cubby and Dropbox, the options for 3rd party apps are very limited (none as far as I can recall).

On the other hand, it is very secure. Secure enough to meet Australian online privacy requirements so that I can use it to share files with clients and colleagues. In my field, that is crucial.

Even with its limitations, Sync has become my number one cloud app and is my Cubby replacement. For the few Cubby features it doesn’t do that I need, I use iCloud Drive and, occasionally, Dropbox. When it’s long -rumoured iOS update is released, I’m hopeful that I can further reduce my reliance on those two supplementary apps.

Have you looked at Mega? Simple enough to use on the Mac, a reasonably good iOS app and of course accessible via the web.

Excellent. I’ve been considering signing up with Sync for a little while now, good to hear positive experiences from someone using it. :slight_smile: