RMB way of setting Include in Compile


I’m working a lot with Marked2 these days. It really helps me getting another view on what I have written and helps me enormously during the editing process.

If you have followed this discussion here Scrivener and Marked2 work very well together if you know how.

It would be even quicker, if I could have the possibility to change the ‘Include in Compile’ Option through a simple RMB on a folder or node within the binder. Just a little teneewenee command that would set this option only for this folder and all subnodes/subfolders and in the same time unset this option for any other folder/node.

With that little feature one could very easily have a preview of the chosen documents in Marked2.
If you don’t like adding another command in the rmb-menu, it would be ok to have it in the menu-bar or as shortcut :slight_smile:

Oh please, please, please, make my simple wish come true, even if christmas is already passed!! :mrgreen:

Now that Keith seems to be back from holidays, I would like to bump my feature wish again, if I may.

I’ve using the combi of Scrivener and Marked2 a lot these days and it would really mean a big time savor, to be able to quickly deselect and select a folder/node for include in compile.
If the option in the compile window where it says, use only the selected, would work like this it would be great. But as it seems, with this option ‘include in compile’ isn’t set properly, so that Marked2 can understand it. Setting the option marks in the other mode works, but doesn’t deselect the options from not displayed folders.

I hope you can understand what I write, do you need any screenshots?

Does doing this via the outliner not work for your purposes?
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Unfortunately there are too many steps involved. I have a storyboard with 80 scenes and a blog I keep to document my steps. All this data is in several folder of course, but if I want to quickly check the formatting or content of some nodes there is always much searching, setting and deselecting involved. Too much time is lost and too much of a distraction for me. That’s why I would love to have a more streamlined and direct approach. You know, just a quick command and all is set appropriately.

Although a contextual menu command would be possible, the problem is that it wouldn’t work too well to have it apply to a folder and all of its subdocuments at the same time (as I believe you are suggesting), because that would not be obvious behaviour (not to everyone, at least), as it’s not the way anything else works. And if it only applied to the folder and not the subdocuments, I get the feeling it wouldn’t help you much anyway…

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True, it should apply to subfolders if so wished. How about having an option in the preferences? Or maybe you can come up with a better possibility to add a smooth workflow between Scrivener and Marked2? I’m pretty much sure, that anybody who has once savored the benefits of a no fuss realtime preview with different themes, would never look back :slight_smile: Saves much time always doing a compiling, exporting and opening the file on another device. (Any more sales talk? :mrgreen: ) This could be THE new feature any Scrivener user and the world has been waiting for. :open_mouth:

A team of developers in San Francisco will soon release a beta version of their new superworkflowideatransformer app, which will extract basic thoughts from your brain and restructure them into an HTML-8 compliant format. The only sticking point — and it’s a relatively small one — is the mind-reading component.

Until it’s operational, however, I’m afraid we will have to make our way with old-fashioned developers like KB, who expect us writers to do an inordinate amount of the work ourselves.


I’m not sure I understood what you were meaning to say.

The whole topic is about having a quick way to see the writing in different themes and being able to edit it with all the scrivener features on the same time, thus saving you the effort exporting it into different formats and printing it out or importing it on other devices.

What do you mean this is all about? Automatic writing?

PJS can be a bit … curmudgeonly at times. What he is suggesting is that maybe this is just part of the work of writing and that maybe this level of automation isn’t really needed. Many many many people have no issues with the current display/aggregation/workflow options in scriv. Is yet another option really needed for the perceived return to the user population?

That’s a decision for KB. PJS was just offering an opinion.


Me? Whatever do you mean?

To show what a gentle and reasonable fellow I am, I will thank you for your clear and concise explication of my post… and for presenting it with considerably more grace than I might have shown.


Ah, I understand his point of view, I think. :wink:

But then, why should one use Scrivener at all, since it’s already helping the writer a lot. Or why add any new features? Why not leave it as it is or was? This is a thin line and my feature wish was nothing more than that, a wish. That’s why I posted it in the wish forum.

I use mmd for all my formatting for quite some time now and only recently discovered how well Scrivener fits with Marked2. This already helped me a lot, allowing me to write and edit more easily. I’m not saying that this workflow is for every situation, writing books is different than writing blog articles e.g. But for what I do right now - blog articles and storyboard for a children book app - this combination is perfect, for me and already helps me very much. Imagine: I write and format in Scrivener, check in Marked2, edit where need is in Scriv again, and inside Marked2 I copy it as clean html to the clipboard and paste it into my blog. Finished.

If Keith decides that he doesn’t want to implement this feature, for what ever reasons, then the earth will still be rotating, I hope :wink: But in terms of coding this wouldn’t be a biggie imho, but I may be wrong, Keith knows for sure.

Dictionary entry overview: What does curmudgeonly mean?

• [CURMUDGEONLY (adjective)][1]
The adjective CURMUDGEONLY has 1 sense:

[1]: audioenglish.org/dictionary/ … ly.htm#adj

1. brusque and surly and forbidding

Familiarity information: CURMUDGEONLY used as an adjective is very rare.

Yeah, that’s what I thought this adjective would mean without knowing it before. :wink:
At first I had the picture of a grumpy old man when I read this :mrgreen:

Probably the correct image for most of us. Even the young ones among us. Even for some of the fairer gender of us.

I personally don’t think there is anything “wrong” with the concept you propose and my guess is that curmudgeon-man doesn’t either. The real question I have is how useful will it be outside one workflow and will adding more options make scriv even harder to learn or cluttered for the rest of us. So while I’m sure there is much validity in adding this to your workflow it is something that we might not see enough value too…

Not that our opinion matters all that much. We are both curmudgeonly. Just ask our spouses, kids, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, the forums, the internet … you get the idea.

And just to spark a thought… oft we collectively poo-poo an idea in the wish list only to be convinced "OMG!! WE CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS!!! by the original poster. While KB is the sole determiner of the scrivener road map, he does seem to keep an open mind and allow folks the opportunity to influence his decision. Not a “voting” type thing but an real “show me how this is needed” type environment. If you take the approach of “convince PJS that he MUST have this” then you have a good chance of continuing along the path of convincing KB.

As to the “why use scrivener” section… many folks on the form still use pen and paper. scriv is just the type it up and beat the manuscript into submission tool. Your point is just as valid as PJS’ and mine.

I fully understand this.

One would think, that without Marked2 this command wouldn’t be useful. But this is not true. It would essentially provide an easier and more intuitive way to set the ‘include in compile’ option. Before I learned that I could use the alt key to select and deselect all flags, this task was awful enough. If on the other hand I had the option to set these flags within the compile window, right where it says ‘actual selection’ (Unfortunately I have the german translation on, so I don’t know the real term.), then all would be fine as well. One small step to the compile window and cancel wouldn’t kill me, not much at least…

I think this option would be very helpful for everybody, those using Marked2 and those who need to set these flags more than once per project.

And may I remind you of the export settings that have an export to index-cards and simplenote, two examples of useful features for few of us only. (I actually used the index-cards export for my old windows version of Scriv.)

There is a trial version of Marked2 btw, maybe one has to see the benefits to believe them.

(btw, before I got my Macbook Air I used to write a lot using pen&paper myself, but this such a nice piece of a machine :slight_smile:, now I use pen&paper for notes, ideas. I have pens and stickies laying all around and in every room, and I mean EVERY room :wink:)

I don’t know if you are aware of this trick (actually two of them), but if you select a container in the Outliner and hit Opt-Cmd-A you will expand the selection to all of its visible descendants as well (use Opt-RightArrow to fully expand first, if they aren’t). Now with the selection, Opt-Click one of the checkboxes to bulk set them for the selected items, the rest of the items in the outliner will be ignored. It might be easier to see what I mean by demonstration:

[size=80]Changing “Include in Compile” by bulk selection.[/size]

No, I didn’t know of this neat trick. Thanks for that. I tried it but it’s still an awful lot of non-creative actions to just quickly flag/unfalg some options for the desired folders/nodes. And every time I add a new node this flag is set automatically, so it’s easy to forget about unsetting these first.

Ahhh, a simple rmb->‘set include in compile only for selected elements’ (could be a shorter named command :slight_smile:) in the binder would be sooooooo easy and save tons of unproductive hours;)

I’ve got nothing against adding this to the Ctrl-click menu, but it would have to apply only to the selected documents and not to subdocuments, as I say. The Opt-Cmd-A trick would then allow you to easily select all subdocuments of a group before invoking the command.

This would be so great, like a second christmas :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to invoke the command from the binder or only the outliner? Both would be superb, binder is what I use most, since screen real-estate is low on a 13’’ MBA.

Thank you very very much!

Hi, AmberV, is this a Mac only feature at this time?

Yes specifically the ability to constrain the bulk checkbox click to a selection is not implemented in Windows yet, but you can still achieve the same effect by isolating the outliner view to the selected items. This is accomplished by hitting Ctrl-Shift-Return on your selection, then do your Alt click on the checkboxes, and hit Ctrl-[ to get back.