Roadmap Question - Customizing Colours

I have a query about Lee’s proposed roadmap for Scrivener for Windows.

The document states that all Mac 1.54 features have been implemented in the Windows release yet there are no options currently to change the background color of the editor in normal or fullscreen mode which were available in the Mac 1.54 version. Does this mean that customizing the background or font colour is not going to be available in the Windows version?

The default black on white can be difficult for people with sight issues, and using different colour schemes can help minimise eyestrain if working in the program for long periods.

At the moment I have to switch to a different program when black on white strains my eyes.

I agree. This is a feature I very much want to see implemented.

Same here.

I asked about this feature in a separate post but I’ll add my support here.

A black background with white (or green or yellow) text is essential for me because of eyestrain. I suppose for most it’s not an important addition to the code, but if it can be done quickly and easily, please consider doing it.


How can I live without setting background to blue and foreground to white or yellow, just for that old-school WordPerfect for DOS feel? :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, it would be a nifty tweak.

Count me in with the people waiting for this functionality.
Right now I’m still using Q10 for longer writing sessions, because that glaring white background of the fullscreen editor is really uncomfortable to look at for long periods of time.

Lee is aware of the problem, though, because somebody mentioned it on the Bug Hunt forum. He said he’ll look at it. I really hope it gets implemented in the final release.

WriteMonkey handles this in a cool way by letting you save paper/ink/font combinations (called slots) which you can then switch back and forth between. This is useful when writing on multiple machines whose screens might look very different.

I second the above post. I used WriteMonkey a lot before Scrivener came along.