I was wondering if there was a feature roadmap for Scrivener for Windows. I can’t seem to find one, just a list of wishes :wink:

To add to the list, I’d really like to see some kind of per-file &/or per-project revision control. Perhaps something really simple like building in fossil (

Thanks again for the nice software.

… mark.

The best roadmap is the Mac user manual. The stuff described in there is how the software is meant to be. There are many little small incremental improvements mixed in with the larger more obvious stuff. Since the Mac version is older, it has the benefit of having already tried out a number of UI solutions to problems, and arrived on the best result. So the benefit of that time and testing can be brought more immediately to Windows.

As for version control, that is a whole area of improvement we intend to think about for both the Mac and Windows. Improving the quality of collaboration is something we’re keen to provide, but it’s a complex problem and the type of thing we want to figure out gradually and carefully. So that is where we are on that particular issue.

Per-file revision is handled by “snapshots”. Available now from a Scrivener near you!