Roaming binder selection / editor view on project open

Nearly each time I return to Scrivener ( a different section in the binder is in view than the section that was being used when the computer went to sleep, or the application was closed and the computer was turned off. In other words, the active selection is changed in a seemingly random way. I have used Scrivener for years, and have seen this only in recent months in a relatively long file. Just wondering if it signals some less trivial problem.


I have had this issue in the past.
IIRC, under certain conditions, the project rather saves the last document selected as being the last one that was edited.
Try it out.
If that’s the case, (a crutch), do a quick space-backspace in your current document before you quit the project.

If you have the patience, search among my oldest posts. One of them has a fix. (If it ain’t that above.)

P.S. I haven’t had this issue in quite a long while… I thought it was fixed for good.