Roboform v7 crashes Scrivener (Win)

Just wanted to report that I was experiencing crashes (application closing) after I upgraded to Roboform V7.
Clicking on any folder (not text item) in any project binder would trigger this.
I found that stopping the Roboform Taskbar Icon from starting up (using msconfig) solved the problem. Roboform can still run as a toolbar in IE, Firefox, and Chrome without problems - just the icon in the task bar needs to be gone.

Thanks for the report! What version of Windows are you running?

I’m running XP Pro on a Dell XPS laptop and Win 7 Home Edition on a Dell XPS desktop.

Same result on both machines.

Thanks for the extra info. We’re looking into this.

Thanks Sonny
This hint was very helpful!!
Running Scrivener on XP and Win7 was impossible for me without very frequent crashes.
I had also another (graphics) program which experienced the same issues and I never figured out why or what was to blame.

The solution is even easier than you stated above:
In the Roboform Options menu go to “Applications Integration” and add scrivener.exe (with correct path information) to the black list. This will prevent Roboform to attach to it.
(Didn’t know that Roboform is that intrusive.)


Thanks for sharing that, Klaus! I completely forgot to update this thread, so I apologise for that. We have been in communication with the RoboForm developers and they hope to have this fixed for the next update, so we’ll see what comes with that. Meanwhile, specifically preventing RoboForm from attaching to Scrivener is the way to go.

I can confirm that the latest update to Roboform 7 - V7.9.0.0 fixes the problem.

It works on my both my XP and Win 7 machines.

Thanks for the tip on excluding programs from Roboform - I didn’t know that was there.