Rog,Pigfender is 22 t'day

The Truth Is Out There!!

No, I’m not referring to the relaunch of The X Files,
I’m talking about the dearth of communiques and missives, from
the redoubtable Pigfender, since the completion of yet another brilliantly successful
Niad, in October 2015.

My question is this: is it possible, if not probable, that Piggy is putting his phenomenal novel writing plotting and planning prowess, to good use, by writing his own novel? It’s got to happen some time. Why not now?

In approx 52 hrs. time, it will be Piggy’s 22nd birthday. Will he surprise us all with a revelation?

The countdown begins!

I think the only surprises Piggy has are … emissive in nature. He’s a HAW in a good suit. Don’t let the him fool you.

Hi Mr Piggy. :slight_smile:

Aren’t you president of the H. A. W. Society?

:open_mouth: esshaitchonetee!! a momentary lapse of concentration, aka a senior moment.

CRS Syndrome setting in is it?

Settin’ in!? Setting’ in!? :open_mouth: Jameson, let me tell y’ … I’ve honed it to a fine art. Ask the wife, whatshername … she tell confirm it.

I kind of expected Piggy to respond by now… Does anyone smell bacon cooking?

Happy Birthday Rog,
Hope it’s a gud n! :smiley:


Happy Birthday, and many more of them!


Mr X

Happy birthday, pigfender!

Hrm. He has been scarce as of late.

Happy birthday Pigfender!!!
(I can’t find my forums cake recipe here on my iPad, so I’ll make it for you later)

And yes, 3(!!!) exclamation marks, 'cos I knew you’d appreciate 'em[/size]

Yes, I hope you had a good 'un, Mr P (and that your absence from these columns will not be prolonged).

Hey all,

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes (and thanks, Vic, for the virtual mirror-under-the-nose you emailed me). I spent the day at the zoo, followed by a steak dinner with the very lovely Mrs Pigfender. I had a cocktail called a full-fat old fashioned, which is basically a normal old fashioned, but they use bourbon that the barkeep has infused with butter. Tasted lovely, but you can feel it coating your heart with every sip.

Sorry for the absence. I wish I could say I had an exciting reason, but it’s just been work stuff.

It’s not even that good a suit. I’m fairly sure it fitted me when I bought it, but too many birthdays and definitely too many cakes later…
Actually Jaysen, that place we went to dinner has closed down. :frowning:

What!? Say it ain’t so! But then again, I still don’t know what I ate. None of the rabbits here wear saddles.

That is one of the meals I will never forget. Good wine. Great food. Even better company.

Probably because of the dodgy clientele it attracted!

Some sort of hipster take? Fortunately the trend of using butter in one’s coffee hasn’t made it to the east coast. Yet.

Wotta positively revolting concept … urrggghhh!! yerrrrkk!!

We didn’t see you there so the clientele wasn’t completely dodgy.

It was a swank place (by my standards which are admittedly low). I felt bad for Piggy dragging the poorly dressed American into a place like that. I wonder if that was it’s death nell…

:frowning: Please tell me you weren’t wearing baggy, voluminous shorts, sweat shirt, sandles and a baseball cap back-t-front … pleeeease! :blush: