Roll Back All Project Text?

I set up a plain text sync and lost all the formatting of all my text. Fortunately I have a snapshot of everything.

However, I can only seem to roll back one text at a time, and there are hundreds to roll back.

Is there a way to roll back a whole project?


If have a default (= no style) style the easiest way to apply is to go to manuscript and hit ctrl a to select all the files/folders in there , make sure expanded and then Documents>Convert>Text to default formatting.

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If you have Scrivener set to make regular project backups (I have mine set to backup projects whenever I close them), then the simplest thing to do may be to grab a copy of your latest project backup and work forward with it.

This kind of need is pretty much what project backups are for.


Worse case, this can speed things up :


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Next time, set your sync to use RTF ? If compatible with whatever it is (third party app? – which should be able to handle it) that is your reason to use sync. (This will preserve your formatting.)

@gr advice is the best one you can expect. Once your “backup to” folder is set in the options, you can even manually trigger a backup before syncing, using the backup now menu function.

Otherwise, my philosophy is that for such mistakes, the time required to fix them afterwards is nothing but the best way to make sure I’ll never do the said mistake again. :wink:
(A bit like when and if a teacher kept you for an hour after school, forcing you to copy over and over : “I will not misbehave during class. I will not misbehave during class. I will…”)