Roman / Ordinal / Cardinal tag for section titles

Let’s say I have 30 cardinally-numbered chapters entitled “1.doc”, “2.doc”, “3.doc”, and so forth in Word that I want to import into the Binder, but when I compile I want Scrivener to insert the ordinal numbers instead of the cardinal numbers into the Chapter title, for the result of “Chapter One” instead of “Chapter 1” – in other words, I don’t want to have to go through the exercise of renaming the texts in the Binder. So a Headers and Footers placeholder tag similar to the one for Roman page numbers would be handy…something like:


and its inverse:


And come to think of it, why not a Roman numeral one as well? (Or does that capability already exist?)




Unless I’m misunderstanding, this all exists already. You’d simply use title prefixes, with the appropriate placeholder tag for the number (a list is available from the Help menu, but for instance <$R> for uppercase Roman numerals or <$t> for title-case words). In this case you’d want to not include the binder title in the compiled document, so you’d deselect that column in the compile Formatting tab. If you take a look at the Standard Manuscript Format compile preset, that has prefixes set up this way for folders and first-level single documents; it includes titles, but you’ll see if you deselect that checkbox, the prefix remains.

Cool; thanks for the reply.

Ah…<$t> and so forth DO work that way. Nice. From the context of the tag description I was thinking they were only available for in-text numbering. But I’ve just run a compile test and they function exactly as you describe in headers and footers.

Another win for Scrivener – anticipating things I needed before I even knew I needed them.