Rotation Locking

Thanks to Scrivener, I didn’t smash my brains out on the wall thanks to hours wasted with :smiley: SIGIL, nor did I throw my computer over the balcony. (Both of which I felt like doing multiple times) I LOVE Scrivener. The upload to Kindle was a cinch. BUT, if the user rotates their device (Kindle or iPad) to horizontal, my pages look like crap. The quotations and pictures etc. get separated and it doesn’t make sense.

Is there anyway before compiling to “Lock” the screen to a vertical format only? (I realize you can do this on the iPad, so that’s not what I’m asking). I want to force the reader to read the book vertically.

Thanks in advance,

There is no way to do that. You’re talking about the device itself, and from your description it sounds like you’re referring to one of Amazon’s tablets, rather than the dedicated readers? The tablets have automatic rotation, and like the iPad this can be disabled by the user, but individual e-books have no more control over that than they do the volume of the music playing on the tablet, or the brightness of the display.