Rounding word count like in Windows version - <$wc10> etc

This is pretty minor. I hope I haven’t made a mistake, or this has been asked already recently, I couldn’t find anything.

I use Scrivener on both Windows and Mac. I’d discovered I can use the <$wc10> macro in my cover page to round the word count to the nearest 10 words (v1.7.3). However, this isn’t working on the Mac version (2.6) - it just outputs “<$wc10>” instead.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if this is a rare case of the Windows version creeping ahead with one feature. If the latter, is it on the list to be implemented any time soon?

Not a problem if it isn’t, I can just use <$wc>, the rounded word count is just nicer.


I think it’s a bug, since the “officially” supported wc placeholders (those listed on the manual and on the Edit/ Insert/ Draft Word count menu) don’t include de “round to ten” feature. All the others seem to work the same among Windows and Mac, though: 50, 100, 500, 1000.

I think I discovered the word count in another document and must have been playing around with it, without knowing how to generate it using the menu options. I presume the 10-rounded one is a hidden feature on Windows that’s not implemented on the Mac.

That clears it up - thanks!