RSS feed for the blog no longer working

The RSS feed for the blog appears to have stopped working. Last cached entry I have is from 19 November.

I’ll check and see if there is a feed we can expose for that somewhere.

Any update on this? I’m trying to subscribe to the blog via RSS but can’t find a feed URL either.

Sorry, I forgot to update the thread. I couldn’t find anything obvious in the framework, so it’s either entirely invisible and would have to be found by guesswork, or it doesn’t exist. I have it marked on our list of desired improvements for the web developers.

Possible to add macOS push notifications to that list?

Quite right, the forum is still the same, but the blog itself is using a different system now, and I see no RSS metadata on the page associated with it—unlike here in the forum where I get an extensive list of feeds in the URL bar of the browser.