RSS Feed

Not sure where to post this.

I’ve recently moved to NetNewsWire 4 on my Mac as my default RSS reader. All of the feeds come through OK with the exception of that for the L & L forum which produces the error msg, “this site is not set up for use with NetNewsWire”.

The only reason I can think of is that L & L don’t use the same feed server as NetNewsWire. Unfortunately NN doesn’t allow for any change of feed server, so the obvious question is whether L & L would be prepared to push the feed via whichever one is used by NetNewswire.

We don’t use an offsite feed server. When you (or an aggregation service) poll the feed, it’s coming straight out of the forum software. I’d experiment with the settings you use. I’ve had mixed success with some of them—particularly the “Last Visit” setting for the time limit. Turning that off allowed it to work with the service I use (NewsBlur).

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately NetNewswire only allows you to use their default which (I think) runs via BlackPixel which is probably the Dev’s own service. No doubts there’s some ad revenue implications somewhere along the line.

Looks as though I shall have to use another reader. Vienna, being open source looks nice and does the job, but runs like a sloth on mogadon so I shall have to try something else.

Newsblur is pretty cool, especially if you liked how Google Reader worked. I wish it had a proper Mac client though, I’m not a big fan of web pages, but it’s all right and it does a good job of making it easy to discover new things in the same way that Reader did.

Thanks Ioa, I’ll keep looking. Thunderstorm just starting here… :frowning: