<$rst_scene> broken in compile?

I’m experimenting with compiling my project. A lot of the format presets have layouts that include the code <$rst_scene>. The code isn’t interpreted in the compile, though. My chapter headings come out as something like

Chapter Name

Is this a feature that simply hasn’t been implemented yet in the beta? Or am I misunderstanding something in the compile process?

Yes, that’s an unsupported placeholder. There are a few left that they need to implement. This one in particular is used to reset (rst) a counter. If you specify the name of the counter in the code, then it can reset it so the next use of <$n:scene> starts over at “1”.

Thanks for the info. I’ve fixed it by adding <$RST_SCENE> to my replacement list, replacing it with nothing. I don’t need scene numbers, so problem solved. :smiley:

That’s a good way around it for now. :slight_smile: