<$rst> with <$t:foo>?


I’m using auto numbering with my chapters, using <$t:foo> so the output is One, Two, Three, etc. So far so good—now here’s my problem: I want to reset the numbering at some point into my document. And <$rst> right in front of <$t:foo> (as in <$rst><$t:foo>) doesn’t seem to work—neither does <$rst_t> or <$rst_t:foo>.

I’m just so used to the auto numbering in LaTeX, easy and elegant.

Is what I want to accomplish even possible?

Thank you for your time,

That is correct, the reset code is only applicable to base counter types, not individual counter streams or the iterative counters (such as $sn and $hn, but reset would make no sense with $hn anyway). Whether this is a bug or not I’m not sure. There was another thread on this earlier, and I haven’t checked back to see if Keith has confirmed that.

Since you like how LaTeX works, have you considered using MMD with Scrivener to produce LaTeX documents? The MMD workflow takes the outline structure and converts it to LaTeX header depth for you, quite transparently. No tokens or anything required.

Yes, I wondered too if it’s a bug. I mean, <$t> and <$t:foo> isn’t all that different, the latter is just another counter token I introduced. It seems to me that a reset (like <$rst_t:chapter>) should be possible/feasible as well (if implemented)?

I hope this gets fixed somehow, or that I find another solution than to write the individual numbers myself.

As to MMD, I’m afraid that’s not an option for me because I want to export my document in EPUB format. So going to LaTeX and then back wouldn’t make much sense. Or maybe I didn’t understand your suggestion regarding MMD correctly.

Thank you for the quick reply!


Nope, you are absolutely right. At the moment if ePub is your target format, LaTeX would probably not be a good solution. There might be a LaTeX 2 ePub UNIX script floating around, but if there is I haven’t looked into it and I don’t know if it is any good. Wouldn’t go down that road unless you are sure of it.

I will say that we do intend to add ePub support to MMD in the future. It’s something that requires a little research and implementation from both Keith and I, so it will be down the road a bit, when our schedules are less clogged up with bug fixes and post-release support and documentation errata. If your timeframe is on the scale of six or more months, you could wait for that, though I would caution against it as it is vapourware at the moment. Besides, I don’t think that would solve this problem anyway. I just suggested it to handle the sectional numbering problem using LaTeX’s excellent support. I don’t think we’ll add sectional number to the ePub exporter.

Hopefully Keith will pop in on either this thread or the other, and confirm if this is a “bug” or something that just can’t be easily addressed immediately.