RTF bookmark not created in one case

I have a strange situation. I compiled my manuscript to RTF, with bookmarks and a table of contents. One of the bookmarks that is in the TOC is not included in the document, and the text where the bookmark should be is marked as bulleted and indented. In other words, the TOC entry is there with the bookmark named properly, but the text which is the document title from Scrivener is not marked as a bookmark, and is bulleted and indented. All other bookmarks are created properly; this is just sitting there in the middle of the file. The TOC entry before it also has no tab after the title, if that helps any.

Here is the TOC RTF code:

Table 6\uld 	\ulnone {\field {\*\fldinst {PAGEREF Table_ntablestudy1regressnewexcl \\h}}{\fldrslt ?}}\

Here is the document where the bookmark should be:

\ls1\ilvl0\cf0 Table 6\

Here is the TOC entry and code for a bookmark that works:

[code]Table 5\uld \ulnone {\field {*\fldinst {PAGEREF Table_ntablestudy1regressiegmex \h}}{\fldrslt ?}}\

\cf0 {*\bkmkstart Table_ntablestudy1regressiegmex}Table 5{*\bkmkend Table_ntablestudy1regressiegmex}[/code]

Any ideas why this might happen?

To answer the obvious, no I do not have bullets set for the text in question, and I have it set to generate bookmarks in the Formatting pane.

If you want a copy of the Scrivener or RTF files I can provide them privately, but not post them here, unless they can be privately posted.