RTF "chapterized" version of the manuscript

Is there a way to compile a whole manuscript so that automatically each chapter (or folder in the binder)
is a single RTF document?
The idea is to have an RTF version of the manuscript so that each chapter is a single RTF file. I know I can do it by compiling each chapter separately, but maybe there is a neat trick to achieve it in one or two smart moves.

Not really. The purpose of Compile is to stitch the parts of the Binder together.

You might have a look at the Export functions, though. Export won’t adjust headers, formatting, and so on, it will just give you the files in the Binder, one at a time. But that might work, depending on what you need the individual chapters for.


Thank you for your reply.
I did try to export my manuscript, but I wanted to avoid that much division that it causes.
I think it is quite common in Scrivener to use the following approach: folder=chapter, document=scene; while before Scrivener, or in MS Word scenario, the approach being document=chapter.
I know that Scrivener likes Nisus, which I don’t have, maybe there is a way exporting the whole manuscript in Nisus and using a macro or similar widget to split the chapters into separate documents.



It’s not really what the feature was designed for, but you could try downloading the public beta:


This version has a new “Compile For” option called, “iBooks Author Chapters”, which does exactly what you describe. It will compile a folder full of individual .docx files (.docx export has been improved to the level of being as useful as RTF, in the beta) using the notion of a page break for when to start the next file. So you can have 80 small pieces in one folder and two in another, and both will end up as single .docx files in the compile.

So in short if you’ve already got your page breaks set up to work correctly right now, then installing the beta and selecting that compile for option should give you what you want without any fuss.