RTF compile: Justified footnotes

Is there a way to have the footnotes in a rtf file compilation justified (as the main text)? I get only left aligned flow…

I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem you are having. In my installation, the justification of footnotes always seems to reflect the justification of the main text.* I gather you are seeing full justification on main text but left justification in your footnotes.

– gr
(mere mortal aka fellow scriv user)

  • Not quite true: I did find a way to compile and get left just on main text and full just on footnotes. Flipping that set up in the obvious way failed to produce the problem you are seeing though.

Thanks for your answer.
You are right: the file is compiled correctly with footnotes justified. In fact if I open my file with Word the footnotes are justified, BUT if I open the rtf file with Nisus they are not. So it is a little bug in Nisus, easily adjustable in changing the style of the footnote in the style section.
Have a nice day and thank you.