RTF Corruption.

I’m trying to figure out what is going on with some of my RTFs. I’ve had some files just go wacky. I pulled up some of the messed up RTFs in Notepad++ to look at the RTF ASCII and was surprised to see XML in the .links file format. Then a string of nul characters. And sometimes, the previous RTF text after that.

I have been synchronizing the entire project to an SD card, then synchronizing back to the main computer after I’m done editing remotely. I’ve been careful to make sure that the program is closed before syncing.

I’ve been able to reliably crash Scrivener (Nano Demo Version) by just clicking on my Template Sheets folder. It looks like there is a bug not trapped with bad RTFs and notecard view. I made a backup of the project at current state to send in if you are interested, but now manually cleaning the extraneous XML from the RTFs to see if I can get things back to normal.

In clean up, I’m finding a .links file with RTF in it. And RTFs that have long strings of null characters in the middle.

One of my RTFs had header that looked like PKZip format. Odd. After cleaning all the files manually, it looks like I’m good again. I didn’t lose much RTF text. Most of it was character sheets.

I’m using the new Backup Project To…, more often now. And before trying syncing again.