.rtf export pagebreak problem

Thanks for making such an amazing piece of software: I cannot wait to buy a copy.


I exported a Scrivener project to .rtf format with the Custom template, with every document set to ‘page break before’ and ‘as is’. The first three page breaks in the project exported fine, but:

  • The fourth page break occurred a paragraph before the actual end of the document, putting the last paragraph on its own page. There was a page break after that paragraph as well (in the correct place).
  • The fifth and the sixth page break again occurred a paragraph early, but did not insert a page break or even a new line before the first paragraph of the next section, meaning there was a break, and then the last paragraph of the previous section clumped together with the first paragraph of the next section.

There were no more page breaks in the document.

It’s a minor glitch which is fixable in a basic word processor, but I think it should be reported anyway.

Hi Fly,

Thanks for the report. Just to double-check, are you using beta 025 or 026? There was an issue with this in the earlier beta and Lee made some fixes for 026, but it’s possible there’s still a bug, so I just want to make sure we’re working with the right version. You can check Help>About to get the version number.

Next, assuming you’re in 026, did you type in Scrivener or import or copy in text from elsewhere? It’s possible that there may have been page breaks that were brought in from outside text–try turning on Format>Options>Show Invisibles in some of the documents that had the extra incorrect page break and see if there are any light blue lines running across the editor.

Were all the documents that you compiled single documents, or did you have folders and document groups as well? The combination of the page break and the Separators options in compile might’ve acted up–obviously it shouldn’t, but if this is a bug it’ll help to hunt down what’s causing it. Actually, if you’re willing to share the project that’s giving this odd compile, you could zip it up and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com; it’ll be kept confidential, naturally, and deleted as soon as we’ve taken a look at the compile settings to see what might be the matter.