RTF export with smart quotes

I ran into some trouble while trying to import RTFs generated by Scrivener into InDesign.
Some characters seem to be replaced by hollow squares when viewed in InDesign. I’ve narrowed down the issue to instances of smart quotes in my original document (mainly apostrophes; opening and closing quotes seem to be fine). When one of those quotes occurs, I see squares in InDesign until what I believe is the next smart quote, then the text displays fine again.
The Scrivener RTF seems clean and simply opening it into wordpad shows no issue and saving it without changes fixes everything once I reimport again into InDesign.

Now, if I compile with the option ‘straighten smart quotes’, everything looks fine.

This bug happens both if I export my scrivener file or if I compile to RTF. Scrivener version is and InDesign is CS6 - 8.0. Wordpad used to correct RTF is Vista 6.0 SP3.

Is this a file that you typed entirely in Scrivener, or does it have text that was imported or copied from another program? Could you export a copy of one of the binder documents showing this issue on compile and attach that here or send it to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com marked for my attention? It sounds like an encoding issue, so I’d like to take a look at the file as it is in Scrivener, before compile. If you have cases where some smart quotes are working and some are not, could you please indicate an example of each (preferably ones that are the same, i.e. an open single quote that is correct and an open single quote that produces the squares). Thanks!

I saw the issue on both documents written completely on Scrivener and ones where I had pasted parts written elsewhere.

If I import the Scrivener internal rtf in InDesign, it looks fine but the exported version isn’t.

Here is an example typed in Scrivener : the exported version displays hollow squares in InDesign on the whole first line up until the first apostrophe, but the rest is fine.

I hope that helps.
Example-corrected.rtf.txt (537 Bytes)
Example.rtf.txt (811 Bytes)
3.rtf.txt (846 Bytes)

Thanks for the sample files. I do see that the RTF encoding for the quotes changes when compiling, and I’m not quite sure why that’s the case, so I’m checking on that with the developers and will see what can be done. For the issue in InDesign, it sounds like you have two cases:

  • The unrecognised characters (boxes) will start at a smart quote (usually an apostrophe) and will continue until the next quote. (Does this occur over multiple lines? multiple paragraphs?)

  • The unrecognised characters will start at the beginning of the document (or perhaps the beginning of a new paragraph?) and go until the first smart quote

Is that right? I don’t know that it makes much difference, since the issue seems to revolve around the encoding of the quotes and the original encoding within the project works fine when opened in InDesign, but it could be helpful.

You’re right on both cases.

I’ve seen unrecognised characters span multiple lines. I don’t remember seeing one spaning multiple paragraphs. I’ve seen two different characters in InDesign : the hollowed boxes (most of the time) and crossed boxes (infrequently). I don’t know if this indicates other problems or if it’s just an InDesign display issue.