RTF export

I’m a new user of Scrivener and I like very much its philosophy.
Yet i’m facing a problem with export function. When I try to export a RTF file, using portuguese text which as letters as “ã”, “ç”, “í”, … I found that if the font I’m using in scrivener is palatino linotype or georgia (as examples), when I’m opening the rtf file with word, those letters (“ã”, …) have a format that is diferent from the rest of the text. i.e., if I export in palatino, the rtf text is in palatino in word, except for the portuguese letters.

Hope you can solve those problems.

A good new year

Sounds as though Word can’t match the font in your RTF file.
Check your Font Book to see what’s turned on or not in your system,
And (I no longer use Word) the equivalent in Word, to see what fonts it loads.

I have the same problem described by Druid. The problem is not with Word or other word processor. The issue is upon the export: Scrivener interprets accents in a different manner, resulting all accented words to have another font other than the default, in this case Palatino Linotype. I have both (Word and Scrivener) in the same computer with the same font available. For example, words like this Cão, cão, exponência, Açores, é, É, get corrupted. The first word, for example, Cão, will have the C and the o in palatino linotype and the ã in Verdana. I hope this clarifies the issue.


I meant to say: I have the same problem described by João.