rtf import and pasting w/in Scriv. wonky formatting[NOTED]

Windows 7. Scrivener 1.5 - using novel template. MS Word 2010-created rtf (update…created from a Word 2003 document).

When I imported my rtf file all contractions were lost (as in aren’t turned into arent, you’ll went to youll).

This is sort of mentioned in another post, but not quite the same…when I cut and pasted scenes from the master file that I imported (now sans contractions) sometimes, but not all times, the first few inches (on my screen…not a consistent chunk of text) has wonky formatting. Smaller font, different font, different margins, almost always when it happens different line spacing…it’s all over the map - much of the time something is different about that first chunk of text that was pasted than what will follow.


Update on my MS Word…I just got an education on things…the wonky formatted scenes had been created in Word 2003 (then put into Word 2010 to create the rtf, which I’ve just learned means they have nothing to do with Word 2010). The scenes that I had WRITTEN in 2010 are fine on formatting once imported to Scrivener.

Sorry about that. So it’s just the Word 2003 stuff that is jacked up - font, contractions, margins. 2010 Word is ALL fine.