RTF Import crashes Scrivener

With the valid beta version I tried to import a rtf document. It always result in a total crash of Scrivener. Does anyone have the same experience or found a way to import?

By the way is there any LogFile for the Scrivener Installation where one could find some hints for the reason it is crashed.


If you start Scrivener from the command line you should get an error message when it crashes. it might be the same as the problem I have in importing anything which may be connected to running it on a 64bit system under some, as yet, undefined situations.

sorry, forgot to tell, but I already started from the command line of cause. But there is no message while reproducing the crash. Regarding your guess I must disappoint us, I am not using 65bit but 32bit. So must be another reason.

Scrivener crashes as soon as I click import>file. I am using Archlinux on a 64bit system.


(Scrivener:8612): GLib-ERROR **: gmem.c:421: overflow allocating 1635021569*4 bytes
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)[/code]