RTF-Import & Format


I’m just getting to know Scrivener and didn’t find an answer to the first question that came up - so if this has been a topic allready, please excuse the double posting.

When importing RTFs, is there an easy way of dropping the formatting that is imported along? While bold, italic and footnotes are good to keep, I wouldn’t want justification of paragraphs imported to Scrivener and I would want the font to be set to the standard writing font. As it is a writing tool and the final document will have to be layouted in another step anyway, I don’t need to work with serifes or justified paragraphs while writing on the screen, right? And I would also like parts I start working on from sketch to look the same as those I started in Word/Mellel.

Thanx, Mathias

Just make the pane with the import in question the active one, then choose <Document : Convert : Text to Default Format" from the menu. You can set your default format as you like it — font, size, justification, etc. — in the preferences.


Great, thank you - just didn’t see it…

Thanks not necessary. I find that one of the really nifty features in Scrivener. I import documents that come in all sorts of fonts and font sizes … I have set a keyboard shortcut, so having everything in a standard form following import is only a key-press (ctrl-cmd-d) away. There was another shortcut on that combination, but I didn’t use it, so I swapped it out to shift-ctrl-cmd-d.