RTF Import from Mac

Being a strange beast I use both Mac and Windows PC. I’ve been using Scrivener for years, registered both versions 1 and 2 for Mac.

Recently I had to change to the Windows platform and being sensible am using the latest beta.

Importing my projects from the Mac version generally looks OK however I notice a pretty bad bug in the full-screen mode with the imported RTFs.

Like many I prefer to use the full-screen as light text on black for distraction-free writing. F11 is my passport to productivity! :wink:

If I do this using the imported RTFs though I get black text on the black screen. To get around this I cleverly seleted all text and chose “remove color” from the colour menu. This gives me the colour I selected in the preferences when in full-screen - but only temporarily. Once I move to a different chapter in the binder the colour reverts to what it was before and is basically invisible.

The only way around this that I’ve discovered is to load each RTF as exported by the Mac version, into say WordPad and then export as plain text. Once I’d done this for all my documents and chapters they imported into Scrivener and the full-screen colour change works as advertised.

I might be missing something, but having used the Mac version I suspect this might be a bug.