RTF Link to PDF misses the mark

On the right panel of Scrivener I have a PDF displayed, and on the left side I am taking notes on a RTF. When I make a link from the RTF to the PDF and then click it, I don’t get the right page location on the PDF. I am wondering what extra step is needed.

I’m afraid what you’re trying to do is not possible. You can link to a PDF file, but not to a specific location within the file.


I feel like stuck in the 19th century. Full PDF hyperlink is a must.

Can you provide an example of a program that offers it?

PDF is, by design, a fairly opaque format. It’s not that easy to “see” inside the format to extract a page reference.


Wait, I studied history but I obviously missed something - they had word processors and PDF linking in the 19th century? That casts Charles Dickens in a whole new light.

Looks like you can do it from a browser.

helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/link- … robat.html
helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/first … -html.html

Those seem to be talking about Acrobat 7, I couldn’t find anything specific to newer versions.
Links to inside a PDF like that might be an HTML-only thing, I tried adding a #page=[page number] to a Scrivener file link and it didn’t work.

Edit: looks like word doesn’t natively do it either, but apparently you can work around that with a macro: organognosi.com/create-hyper … windows-2/

Doesn’t work in all browsers, either. I just tested in Chrome and the page went off to lala land.

So I certainly wouldn’t agree that Scrivener is significantly behind the curve by failing to support it.


I use Devonthink and do links there to PDF all the time. Target gets the right page. But sometimes I need that capability in Scrivener.

Silly boy, I will report you…ha

We don’t need any browser to make it work. I found a workaround solution: If you have Devonthink you can produce a link within a PDF there and paste on Scrivener. Clicking on it will launch the right pdf page on a Devonthink window. Ha, just what I needed.

Fascinating. I use DevonThink quite often myself, and didn’t realize it could do that. Thanks for the tip!


You’re most welcome. I tried to disable underlining for hyperlinks under Preferences so as not to compile it. The link now features a slightly different color. Is there a better way to keep the hyper visible in Scrivener only?

You can remove the hyperlink using the Transformations options in the Compile settings.

Oh, I see. Thanks Jennifer