RTF reader error, cannot parse RTF file

I have some problems with my copy of Scrivener in Windows. It says that ‘RTF reader error, cannot parse RTF file’ which makes ALL of my Scrivener projects unable to open. The last time I used Scrivener was yesterday and it was working fine then. I didn’t download anything nor did I do anything to my computer like deleting files or the likes.

Please, help?

I don’t have any techie answers for you, but something at the back of mind (murky old place), is saying, close down any open Scriv projects,and other apps you’ve got running, and RESTART. Could be as simple as that. Hope so.
take care
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If the ol’ restart doesn’t fix it, can you open any file in your scrivener project with like notepad or something? (Right click, open with.)

Sorry for catching this one late! The RTF reader error should pop up only when there is a legitimate problem with the RTF encoding in a file that might cause Scrivener to crash; to prevent you losing work, there is a small RTF Inspector program within Scrivener that checks the files before loading them and throws an alert if this is the case. However, it sounds like what’s happened here is that the RTF Inspector has gotten the incorrect message that all the files are buggy and so it’s not loading them–the project may not be closing properly, which triggers the check to run through all the files when the project reopens, so you might repeatedly get this.

What I’d try, if you’re still getting this problem, is first making a backup copy of your project in its current state, by right-clicking the project’s complete .scriv folder and choosing “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”, then navigating into the Scrivener installation folder and renaming the “rtfi.exe” file there to prevent the RTF Inspector from running. It’s possible you really do have a bad RTF in the project that may cause Scrivener to crash, so we can deal with that if it happens, but if it’s just the inspector wigging out, as it sounds, this should let you load the project normally.