Rtf Word footnotes justification

I have a question about footnotes
I have noticed that it is not possible to apply formating to footnotes in Scrivener. It is possible to apply italics or bold using the usual mac keyboard shortcuts. But it is not possible to apply presets or justification (Full). Or maybe I have not found the way to do it.
When I compile my text (say rtf word) I am not able to get footnotes justified while the text is correctly full justified.
Could you please help?
Thank you.

I have found a sort of solution that is to format the foornote after with word. It is easy, but ir would be nice to have the footnotes alligned properly (justified). If you have other suggestions…
Thank you

When you compile, are you overriding the text formatting in the “Formatting” pane? I’m guessing that you aren’t, and that is probably the problem (not that it should be a problem). I’ve added this to my list for investigation.

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Yes I am overriding and the footnotes come as not justified. I think that we have two problems:

  1. on the footnote-comment pane on the inspector there is no way to apply presets format and not alignment, only bold, italic and underline and change the font.

  2. In compiling there is no way to get the footnose justified.

Am I wrong? If someone has managed to accomplish justification on footnotes (compiling in the format rtf/word) could please tell me how to do that?

Thank you

Hmm, I just tested this and you’re right - footnotes should really be justified when the text is overridden to be justified, so there is a bug here. I’ve added it to the list for fixing for 2.4.
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Thank you very much for your interest.
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Still on the same subject.

  1. I am trying to apply some style (any) to footnotes. So when I compile my text I try to apply some formatting to the “Notes” in the compile window: see attachment.
    Could you please explain me how come none of the formatting that I override in my text in the Notes apply to them when I compile? In the attachment for insatnce I tried to apply red etc.

  2. This is problematic: when I open any rtf compiled file in Word, the style that Word assign to footnotes is automatically “normal” instead it should be “footnote text”. Is this a bug?

Thank you very much!
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a footnote to this…

In the wonderful manual I have not found any explanation about the “Notes” columns in the compile window.

Glad you found the answer - yes, “Notes” refers to notes in the inspector.

Regarding footnotes having the “Normal” style in Word, Scrivener doesn’t support styles so there are no styles applied in the output RTF file.

You’ll be pleased to hear, though, that I yesterday fixed the bug whereby footnotes don’t get justified. Footnotes will now use the text alignment that is most predominant in the text. So, look out for the next beta in the Beta Testing forum, which should be posted next week sometime, which will include this fix - thanks for bringing the bug to my attention.

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Thank you! I am really glad that you spend all your time answering boring questions! I appreciate.

The news that the little bug about footnotes justification is going to be fixed is wonderful. Very well!

I still do not understand howcome when I thick the “override” button (see my attachment above) and the “Notes” and I apply some formating at the notes (for instance all the text in red or all the text of my notes in bold (as it may be sound strange that I want all my footnotes in red, etc.!)) this formating does not apply to the compiled document. What I mean is: what is the function of the “Notes” column in the compile window if the outcoming notes do not get any formating at all? Maybe this column must be eliminated to avoid confusion or explained better in the manual…

I am lost when you say “Notes refer to notes in the inspector”. I do not understand… (my fault).

Sorry to bother you!

Thanks again


“Notes” in the “Formatting” pane does not refer to footnotes, but document notes. Each document has notes associated with it in the inspector:

(If you’re not familiar with document notes or the inspector, you may want to refresh your memory by going over the interactive tutorial, or by viewing one of the introductory videos.)

Hope that helps.

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This is where I was totally wrong: I confused notes with footnotes. Sorry.
Thank you for clarifying!
Have a nice day.

Has The New beta been posted, where this bug should be resolved?
Please inform us…
Thank you