RTL support in Page view

It would be awesome to be able to see pages flow from right to left when viewing the document in page view, using two pages across.
I am writing in Hebrew, so when I view my document in the two page across mode the order of the pages is wrong - the odd pages are on the left and the even pages are on the right, when it should be the other way around in Hebrew.

Also, it would be nice to see RTL support as a first class citizen in Scrivener. Things like having all the new documents being created as right aligned and RTL writing direction (I know it can be achieved with the “keep next” feature but for new users it is hard to find and understand. I had to dig deep to get it), being able to set RTL in the compile formatting menu without having to select “override formatting”, having docx compilation working with RTL (it’s currently ignoring it) and so on.

In a final note, I am successfully using Scrivener with Hebrew and I really really love this program, just wish it would be easier for us middle-eastern guys and gals :wink:


Was this issue resolved? I work with RTL language Urdu. My compiled PDF binding goes from left to right. Facing Pages but inner margin is on left for odd number pages. I am unable to find any option for Binding on the Right.