Ruler being ignored

I have scrivener 1.8 on Win7.

I have chapters that include a “quote” at the top. I’ve selected the quote and set the ruler for that text to no-indent and narrowed it right and left. However when I generate docx or mobi, the ruler change is completely ignored. The quote text is formatted the same as the rest of the chapter.

On the main editor, try selecting the quoted text and applying Format/ Formatting/ Preserve formatting, then compile again. Does that help?

Wow, that’s definitely not a workable solution. PRESERVE doesn’t affect the MOBI output at all (ruler changes still ignored) but on the DOCX output, it sends the text right off the right side of the page.

For the record, I made a small text change while testing, to make sure I was looking at the proper version of the file in the kindle reader. Saw the text change, didn’t see the ruler change.

The ebook output doesn’t handle the right and left indent indents currently, only first-line indentation, so for that output you’ll need to edit this in a tool like Sigil. Colouring the text (and leaving off “Remove text color” in the compile Transformations) will let you find it easily in Sigil so you can adjust the indentation there. You can do this just one at a time in the WYSIWYG editor in Sigil, or if you have a bunch, you may find it easier to just alter the CSS, as described in this post.

The ruler settings should be preserved for DOCX compile, but it sounds like your right indent may be set off the printable page in Word. The ruler in Scrivener’s editor starts with 0 as the inside edge of the left margin, so take your compile page settings into account when setting the ruler for your block quote. If your compiled page is 8 inches wide with a 1 inch margin on all sides, setting the right indent at 7 inches will make it run to the edge of the page.