Ruler & Compile bugs

RULER: As I wrote my NaNoWriMo project I copied and pasted the ruler frequently from old chapters to new chapters. (I was using the NaNoWriMo beta.)

The ruler and the page width would copy and paste but the indent never went where it was meant to, and I always had to adjust the indent by hand.

COMPILING: I created a minimal title page and centred the text. On ‘Complie’ the page width leapt to something like 14" wide, leaving my centred text only just in the right margin of the first page. I had to tweak the ruler settings in the RTF by hand.

When I moved the last line of the title page so it was properly centred it created a weird temporary indent of the entire first paragraph on Page One of the actual text. This bug was so weird and petty it is hard to describe but it happened consistently.

I’ve got the Copy/Paste ruler bug listed, along with a couple other bugs for that, but I can’t reproduce what you’re getting with the centered text. Could you run through what you did step by step so I can try to see what’s going on? Let me know also the compile settings you’re using, as that may make a difference, and the program you’re using to open the compiled .rtf. Thanks!

I suspect the text centering bug may be unique to the NaNoWriMo beta version, because I have tried to replicate it myself in a new full copy of Scrivener 1.03 and it is not happening. Indeed I note that the ‘Novel’ template does not have a ‘minimal title page’ which the ‘NaNoWriMo Novel’ template did, and that seems to be where the problem arose.

You probably don’t want to waste your time chasing bugs in a defunct demo program, but FWIW, I was using a tweaked version of the ‘Times New Roman 12pt’ compile options, for A4 sized paper with 1" margins all round, saved as an RTF and opened in MS Word 2007. There were no problems apart from the weird glitch with the minimal title page.

Ah, right, there was an older glitch when we kept adjusting how tables, RTF, and compile worked, so if you got this just in the NaNo beta and not presently, I think I’m going to put it down to that. Using the NaNo template with the minimal title page and compiling in 1.0.3 doesn’t give me this issue, so unless you stumble over it again we’ll assume it was fixed for 1.0. Thanks for the follow-up!