Ruler difficult to see in full screen compose mode

the ruler is difficult to see well when I need to use it in compose mode. the numbers are completely cut off at the top of my screen making the feature entirely useless. As well, it would be nice if the ruler locked on to notable values in compose mode. I know I mentioned this before, but in compose mode, it really becomes essential.

I’m not sure how it ended up that way, the ruler should just be flush against the top of the screen by default, with the numbers about .5 cm down from that, plenty of space. To get the obvious out of the way, do you have the mouse up at the top of the screen so that the menu bar is showing? That will mostly hide the ruler in a way you describe, no way around that though other than to move the mouse away.

If that isn’t the problem, what I’d do is bring up the control panel at the bottom of the screen, hold down the Option key so that the Paper Width slider becomes Paper Height and slide that back and forth, you should see the ruler come down (it’s just attached to the top of the “paper”), and hopefully that will bring it back within the display frame for you.

Yes, changing the paper height did the trick. Thanks amberv.