Ruler in Cms But Indent in Inches?

I searched around but couldn’t find an answer. Maybe I’m missing something simple.

I set the editor for centimeters, but when I use Ctrl+Q with Ctrl+T to indent a quote, it appears to indent to 0.5 inches rather than 1 centimeter where I have a tab stop.

Is there anywhere I can adjust the default Ctrl+Q with Ctrl+T indents?

Hm, it looks like not, so I have fired this one off to Lee. The shortcuts should use your tab stops as indicators for where the indents should go, defaulting to the .5" increments if none are set, but obviously it’s not doing that. Thanks for catching this, and sorry for the inconvenience!

I thought this might have been fixed in the next update, but I’ve got the same problem in 1.2.1

It’s been a while since asking about this and the problem still remains, as far as I can tell.

But I’ve found another problem with Ctrl + Q and Ctrl + t indenting. After you indent, if you then change the line spacing you lose all the indent formatting.

Hope these things can be fixed in the next release.

I’ve confirmed these issues are both on the list; they just haven’t made it into the update yet. I’ve recalled them to the developer’s notice.

As of the latest version 1.5.3 these issues are still unresolved.