Ruler not synched with Binder selection

Show ruler is selected. The user changes the ruler settings for the current document selected in the Binder.

User selects a different document in the Binder (but does not Move Focus To Editor). The ruler shown is that of the previous document.

Scrivener version 2.5 (25239)
Mac OS X 10.8.5
Mac mini 8Gb

This is a minor visual bug in OS X - the text system’s ruler doesn’t update when the text is switched within a text view unless you click into it. If you click into the text view, you will find that the ruler is updated correctly.

Minor in that the user—me when I saw—is utterly confused by it when it occurs.

As already explained, this is a bug in OS X, not in Scrivener. I have tried calling -updateRuler (which should do the trick) in code once the text has changed, but it doesn’t work - the text view has to be given the focus for the ruler to update. But I can’t put the focus in the text view, because that would break binder navigation. And yes, while an annoyance, it is a minor bug, since clicking in the text view updates the ruler again.