Ruler setting for Kindle

Hi everyone! I’ve got a bit of a problem. I’m using Scrivener to write my next Kindle book. While I write I always set the ruler to 6 inches. Now that I’m getting to ready to compile to word (or maybe to mobi) I’m wondering if I should change the ruler setting?

I’m fairly new to scrivener, and I really don’t know much about the technical stuff yet. Hopefully someone can help me out.


If you go with a standard compile setting as a starting point, such as the ‘ebook’ presets, then it should override the settings you used inside Scrivener. It’s one of the best features of Scrivener, in my opinion; you don’t have to conform to any formatting standard while you’re writing, letting you worry about consistent fonts, indentation, chapter numbering, and all that kind of thing without messing with the original text. It means you can pick a favorite writing font (for instance) that is entirely different from the one required for publishing or submission.

I suggest that you just try to compile to ebook format, and then check it out in an ebook reader. Nothing will happen to any of your text inside Scrivener, so you can tweak the compile settings as many times as you like until you get what you want. Come back to the forum with any specific issues you have, and there are plenty of helpful people who can guide you through the process.