Ruler settings in Fullscreen[MAC BUG?]

Hi Amber, Keith, David, and Co.,

Not sure if this is indeed a bug, or if I've got something set wrong. When I'm in fullscreen mode, and wish to adjust the ruler settings, the pop up that appears when the user clicks and drags the ruler only opens beyond the top of the screen, meaning I can't see it, unless I fool with the "paper height," which itself only gives me a limited view of the page (and I'd rater work with a full page anyhow  :stuck_out_tongue:.

Can you replicate this? Or is there something I'm overlooking here?



Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. The tooltip that displays the numerical value while you drag is offscreen.

Yes, exactly.



I’m assuming this is a Mac 2.0 bug?

I think so, since there is no rule (or numerical tooltip for that matter) on Windows full screen yet. Moving it.

Not much I can do about this one. OS X determines where the tooltips appear - it is rather silly that it chooses to place them off screen - so all I could do is make the paper height smaller, too, but that would be pointless for those who don’t want the ruler anyway. So this has to be left to the user to reduce the paper height, I’m afraid.
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Fortunately that tooltip is just a nice extra, anyway. You can tell where you are with the tick-marks, and since it is virtually impossible to accurately hit a target with the hundredths floating-point precision and the average mouse can’t address that, the tooltip displays information you cannot use, much of the time.

Thank you so much, Keith and Ioa.

Can you see how big I’m smiling? Oh yeah, I guess you can’t. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, suffice it to say that I’ve got one hell of a smile on right now, because every time (no hyperbole here) Scrivener 2.0 fires up on my MBP 13" (2009), I get all fuzzy inside.


Michael :mrgreen:

Thanks Michael!