Ruler Snap and other Indent problems[BUG LOGGED]

I wanted to be a bit more exact in my first-line indents, so I tried changing the ruler snap option to snap every quarter of an inch. I hit apply, and then OK, but the setting didn’t stick. I opened the option again and it was back to “No Snap.”

A related question – is there a way to type in the number I want the first line indent to be, or do I have to slide the ruler?

Not sure if this is a bug, but when I paste text from an RTF file into a new scene, it always gets rid of the first-line indent on the first paragraph, and I have to put it back.


I’m just a kid playing around, when a problem looks worth playing.
I thought your copy and paste problem from rtf format text could be related to something I learnt to fix in other software. So I tested it out.

It seems crazy, but the problem only occurs on the first line, when I start the scene with that paste.
If I type a few letters and a return, the indent is ok on the next line.
Even by keeping an empty line, there is no problem.

That means, there is something one can reproduce.
Bug or not ?

And : Is there a way to indent a whole paragraph ? I can’t find any.
Even when I copy/paste text from some other software, with indented paragraphs, it comes withouth the indentation.