Ruler stuck in Full Screen - Beta 035

When I toggle the “Show Ruler” button to hide the ruler and then I switch to Full Screen mode, it is still displayed in Full Screen and does not respond to the “Show Ruler” button, when I return to it. It’s stuck there permanently, even though in standard view the button works.

I should add that this seems to happen when I have several documents selected and view them as scrivenings.

I’m not sure if I’m reproducing exactly what you’re getting or not; I do see a bug, but you should be able to toggle the ruler. The FS editor is separate from the regular editor (in fact, each split in the regular editor has its own settings as well), so toggling the ruler on and off when in the regular editor won’t affect FS; you need to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R while in FS to hide or show the ruler. However, it seems like the initial keystroke won’t work, so you have to hit the shortcut twice for it to have any effect–a bug. Likewise, although you can turn off the ruler while in FS, when you leave and then return to FS, the ruler has reappeared and you have to turn it off again–likewise a bug, as the settings should be remembered.

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that shortcut (I’ve only started using Scrivener in earnest with the previous beta). But something must have changed regarding this from the previous beta, as I engage in the same behaviour (i.e. I don’t like to see the ruler in full screen, and so I always went back to the regular editor to toggle off the ruler and it always seems to have worked).

P.S. Although I would have thought that when one encounters an unwanted ruler displayed in full screen view, the most intuitive reaction would be to want to switch back to normal view and hit the “show ruler” button (especially if one has never heard of the shortcut).

Fair enough; a big part of the problem here is that we haven’t figured out a way yet to make the menu accessible in Full Screen, so users are limited to the context menu and shortcuts and the few options we can make available from the control panel that pops up when you hover the mouse at the bottom of the screen. What you suggest isn’t quite a feasible workaround, though, as the editors are separate, so settings are remembered separately for them–as they should be, really, since (once the bug is fixed that’s causing the ruler to reappear every time you enter FS) you may want completely different settings for your normal editor and your FS view, and having to flip in and out constantly to change them would get annoying quite quickly. But it is a point that a lot of functions in FS are limited right now to shortcuts, and that’s something we’re hoping to better address in the future.