Run Composition Mode in half-screen

So I was wondering if it is at all possible to run Scrivener’s Composition Mode so that it only covers half the screen.

The reason I ask is because I tend to do a lot of my writing while working - where I spend a lot of time waiting for people to respond to messages. However, it’s necessary to actually be able to see said messages if they should occur, so if I do something else while working it has to be something that can be dragged to the side so that Windows does its voodoo and the thing covers only half the screen (like Factorio).

I absolutely love the Composition Mode but if I can’t run it on the half-screen, I can’t use it at all, because if I’m sitting in front of my computer outside work hours, my brain generally has just about enough juice to play something completely brainless.

Is it possible to do this? Would using another desktop help, because I think I saw something somewhere that allowed you to tile your desktops the way you do programs…

Since version 10, Windows sports virtual desktops, an amazingly powerful feature overlooked by many.

You can manage them by pressing Win key + tab. Add as many desktops you like, drag Windows between them and then, switch between them at the speed of your fingers by just pressing ctrl+Win+left/right Arrow key.

This is not the exact feature you have asked for, but lets you to check for new mails and Get back to Scrivener very fast without disrupting the layout of your desktop. It’s similar in concept to ALT+TAB, but it’s way more powerful in a way that it’s difficult for me to explain. Just play with it and see by yourself how it behaves while having many windows opened in differenti virtual desktops to Get a better picture of it.



On the Mac you can change the opacity of the Composition Mode background, allowing you to see whatever is “behind” it. If this feature exists for Windows Scrivener – I don’t have a copy handy to check – look for a slider at the bottom right of the Composition Mode screen.