Run multiple drafts in one binder?

How best to have multiple projects loaded into the same window?

Rather than closing one file and opening a new one, I’d like to be able to have multiple related book projects opened in the same workspace. Such as multiple drafts, each it’s own intended book project. Is this doable and practical?

What is best practice to do what I am suggesting? Working on multiple opened projects at the same time?

I’m not a real expert on Scrivener (yet!), but from what I’ve seen you can only have one Draft folder in any given Scrivener project. You can, however, have multiple “Research” folders. You could give each of them a name to specify the book to which it relates. But you can only compile the one Draft folder.

If you have multiple Scrivener projects open, though, you can drag items back and forth among them. (See the Scrivener Manual [by pressing F1 in the program], sec. 7.6, Splitting Projects Up.) If you’ve got a large monitor or multiple monitors, you might be able to place multiple projects side-by-side to see how they relate to one another and move materials around. Without two large monitors, though, I think it would be hard to see more than two projects at once that way.