Run out of ram memory when I hit the binder

Hi, I write you Spain, impatient to get my official realease of scrivener.

I got a problem that’s killing me. I got loaded a big project I’m working at. Lately, when I go into the binder and i hit the Draft (the main root) to see al pieces of the story, nothing happens and suddenly i run out of ram memory. This happens only if i hit the draft label in the binder, not if i hit any other label inside or outside the draft, if I don’t do that I can work on the project without any problem.

Any ideas?

About how large is your entire draft? What’s happening is that Scrivener’s trying to load all the text of all the documents in your Draft folder, and it’s taking a while. Since you indicate it’s a large project, this isn’t entirely unusual–it’ll take a few seconds for all the text to load–but it’s obviously going out of the realm of normal for you, since it’s causing a hang. It would help to get the specifications of your computer and a few other details about your use of Scrivener to track down the performance issue:

  1. Does this happen if you attempt to load the Draft as a Scrivenings session immediately after you first launch Scrivener and open the project? Or does it get worse if Scrivener has been running a while?

  2. What sort of machine are you using (i.e. Operating System, type and speed of processor and RAM size)?

  3. OPTIONAL: Anything else that might give us clues, e.g. Windows Task Manager Performance specs/spikes when performing specific tasks in Scrivener. Also, any details regarding any auto-correction, substitution features you may have enabled or analysis of those features turned on and then off and the resultant performance change if any.

Once debugging code is removed, the program will run a bit faster, but all the details above will help Lee focus efforts for optimizing the code. In the meanwhile, try just loading a few documents at a time in a Scrivenings session by selecting them (you can Shift-click in the binder to select a range) rather than viewing the entire Draft. If you want to see all the documents on the corkboard or outliner, click another folder first and switch to the desired view before clicking on the Draft folder.

Well, inside my draf there’s 23 chapters, and inside of each one there’s abot 4-6 scenes, more less. 145.000 words in total.

  1. It doesn’t matter, I try to be hanging around over the chapters in the binder, and later hit the whole draft, and then again i ran out of ram memory. It demands even 1 GB or so of extra ram.
    But, my problem begins even if I try to see the corckboard or the outliner of the whole draft, not only the scrivenings. Always when i hit the whole binder. If I get to a chapter, no problem at all.

  2. I’m using MS XP professional SP3, AMD Athon 64x2 dual core, 1 gb ram

  3. My windows task manager jumps from 550 MB of ram memory to 1,3 GB or higher. The processor only moves a little, but nothing important. When I force scrivener to shut down, the ram problem disappears. If I then starts scriverner again, it looks good til I hit again the whole draft in the binder.

I don’t know if this is very important, but my project is right inside my dropbox folder. It saves every 10 seconds without activity, other settings are by default. Somewhere I read that is better to save the proyect into your hard disk and use the dropbox folder for backups and to synchronize it to an external folder. Can it be important in my case?

Thanks in advance,