run Scrivener from usb stick


on campus, I work a lot with the university provided iMacs. Unfortunately, they won’t let me install my apps on them, so I tried to run scrivener from a usb stick. It asks me to register the software or else, but apart from this it worked, although it was a little bit slow. I hope the evaluation period is not a problem for the safety of my files.

Can you recommend using this method or is there a better option?


Try persuading them to buy licences for Scrivener … then all your fellow-students will benefit …



do you use a network mounted home directory? You can tell if all your files show up on any mac you log on to. If so you might be able to put the scriv app in your home dir, register it and have it stick.

The other option would be trying to boot form an external drive, but I bet that you get you in more trouble than it is worth.